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Our Geneology



1st  Generation

Nicolas Barrieau born 1646 in France. Died at Piziguid, Acadia.  Occupation: Farmer.  Probably born Poitou-Charente south of Normandy, he came from le Berry in France to establish himself in1671 at Port-Royal Acadia, today Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia, Canada. About 1680 he established himself at Pisiguit Acadia, today Windsor, Nova Scotia, where they raised their ten children, six girls and four boys. Listed in the 1686 census.  He married Martine Hébert in 1682.  Martine Hebert was born in 1665 at Port Royal, Acadia.  Daughter of Etienne Hébert and Marie-Anne Godet  Mariage: 1682 at Port Royal, Acadia.  Husband aged 36 yrs, wife 17 years. Died at Piziguid, Acadia.   Came to Port-Royal, Canada in 1671.

Children of Nicolas Barrieau and Martine Hébert:

1.  Marie b. 1683 at Piziguid, Acadia  m. Jean Bourg b. 1683. Marriage 1706.

2.  Françoise b.1684 at Piziguid, Acadia.  m. Alexandre Laure b.  1676.  Mariage: 1702.

3.  Jeanne b. 1685 at Piziguid, Acadia.  m. Germain Girouard b. 1681  Mariage: 1703.

4.  Catherine b. 1687 at Piziguid, Acadia.  Probably died at an early age

5.  Marguerite b. 1689 at Piziguid, Acadia died 1750 at age 61 at Pointe-Prime, Ile St-Jean(Prince Edward Island.  m(1) Denis Girouard b. 1688 Mariage: October 15, 1709 at Port Royal, Acadia.  m(2) Louis Doiron b. 1691 Mariage: November 21, 1712 at Grand-Pré, Acadia.

6.  Madeleine b. 1696 at Piziguid, Acadia, died December 6, 1709 age 13 yrs. at Piziguid, Acadia.

7.  Antoine b.1697 at Piziguid, Acadia d. January 21,1758 at St-Charles de Bellechasse at age 61 yrs. Buried January 22,1758 at St-Charles de Bellechasse.  Occupation: Farmer. m. Angélique Thibaudeau b. 1704 d. September 27, 1756.  Mariage: 1722 at Piziguid, Acadia.  In 1750 with their 11 children, 6 girls and 5 boys, they left Pisiguit to establish themselves at Rivière du Moulin at Scie, near Port LaJoie,  Isle St-Jean, today Charlottetown, Prince Édward Island. Near the end of 1757, one year before the deportation of the Acadian habitants of the Island, he moved with his family at St-Charles de Bellechasse, a few miles south of Québec. He died with many of his children in 1758 of the great Measles Epidemic that ravaged North America that year, close to 500 Acadians died in Québec.


8.  Nicolas b. 1703 at Piziguid, Acadia, d. 1755 at Port Toulouse, Ile Madame, Acadia at age 52 yrs, m.(1) Unknown d.bef. 17351  Marriage: abt. 1724 at Piziguid, Acadia, m.(2) Ursule Gaudreau Godreau Gauterot b. October 12, 1717 d. December 20, 1757. Marriage: 1735 at Grand-Pré, Acadia.

9.  Jacques  b. 1706 at Piziguid, Acadia, m. Marie-Anne Turpin b. March 1, 1709  Marriage: July 22, 1726 at Grand-Pré, Acadia.
In 1750 with other family members they moved from Ile St. Jean now Prince Edward Island and on July 16,1751 to Pointe de Jacob, Ile Madame on the east coast of Nova Scotia. In 1758 they were deported, in 1761-62 they were at La Rochelle in France and later in French Guyana in South America where they probably died.

10.  Pierre  b. 1707 at Piziguid, Acadia; m: Abt. 1729-1730  Acadia; d.1758 Bef. February 14, 1764 at age 51 yrs.  


2nd  Generation


Pierre Barrieau  b: Abt. 1707  at Piziguid, Port Royal, Acadia; m: Abt. 1729-1730  Acadia; d: Bef. 14 February 1764 d. 1758 at age 51 yrs. Occupation: Ploughman, m. Véronique Girouard dau of Pierre Girouard and second wife Marie Doiron b. February 22, 1712 at Grand Pré, Acadia.  Marriage: 1729 at Rivière-du-Moulin, Ile St-Jean. (Prince Edward Island)  Died before February 14, 1764. In 1750 to escape the frequent attacks of the English, they immigrated from Pisiguit at Rivière du Moulin at Scie, Ile St-Jean. They had 10 children, 2 boys and 8 girls. In 1758 spoiled of all their goods, with their separated family, with his son Olivier, they were deported to England as prisoners.  Pierre died enroute on the ship of "La Picote". Olivier was release on May 21, 1763 and transported to St-Malo on the kings frigate "La Dorothée".  They escaped to Rivière-Aux-Moulins, Ile Saint- Jean, in 1750 to evade deportation; the family was nevertheless deported towards France and England in 1758.   

They had ten children. 


Agathe (1731)

J.-Baptiste (1733)

M.-Blanche (1735)

Olivier (1737)

Anne (1739)

Anastasie (1741)

Pélagie (1743)

Euphrosine (1745)

Marie (1747)

Hélene (1752)

Notes for Pierre Barriau

In the life of Mgr Richard, published in 1940, list the following::  "Pierre, the youngest son of Nicholas, born at Piziquid (Windsor) married Veronique Girouard.  In 1750, they immigrated from Piziquid at l'Ille Saint Jean (Prince Edward Island) and established themselves at la riviere du Moulin a scie.  In 1758, they were transported to St. Malo in Brittany with their children and placed at Saint-Servant.  Their son, Olivier, was eighteen years old.  Six years later he married Anastasie Boudrot, said "La Belle Acadienne" with whom he had only one daughter.  A widower, he married May 10, 1768, Elizabeth Landry, who was born at Riviere aux Canards, in 1747.


Notes for Veronique Girouard:

- 1752 Ile St. Jean census: Pierre Barriaud, native of Acadia, aged 45 years, he has been in the country two years. Married to Veronique Giroir, native of Acadia, aged 44 years.  They have two sons and seven daughters: Jean Baptiste Barriaud, aged 19 years; Olivier, aged 15 years; Marie Blanche, aged 17 years; Anne, aged 13 years; Anastasie, aged 11 years; Pelagie, aged 9 years; Frozine, aged 7 years; Marie, aged 5 years; Helenne, aged one year.  And in live stock four oxen, one cow, one calf, one wether, five ewes, two sows, five pigs, and twenty-five fowls.  The land upon which they are settled is situated as in the preceding case, it was given to them verbally by Monsieur de Bonnaventure. They have made on it a clearing of eight arpents in extent, where they have sown seven bushels of wheat and seven bushels of oats.


3rd  Generation


Olivier Barriau

b. Pisiquit, Acadia,1737, m.(1) Anastasie Boudrot  1746; they had one child:


Anne (1765).


m.(2) Elizabeth Landry May 10, 1768 at St.Servant, Bretagne, France, They established themselves at Carleton in Gaspé, in 1774. Olivier's "diary" is at the University of Moncton. They had eleven children:


Charles Olivier (1769)  According to the geniology of the Barriault Family published in the newspaper "Evangeline" of November 3, 1932.  In the spring of 1774, Charles Olivier, his wife, and three children and other family members left Brittany to return to Acadia.  They landed north of Chaleurs Bay at Carlton.


J.-Baptiste (1771)

J.-Marie (1773)

J.-Moise (1775)

A.Barbe (1776)

Adélaide (1778)

Marcel (1782) m. Julie Leblanc

J.Honoré (1785)

Pierre (1788)

Felicité (1790)

Véronique (1792).


4th  Generation


Moise, son of Olivier m. Marguerite Josepthe Henri in 1798, came to St. Louis de Kent with his brother Charles.Children:


Marcel b. November 12, 1818


5th  Generation


Marcel b. November 12, 1818, at Saint Louis de Kent, son of Moise Barrieau and Marguerite Josepth Henri, m. Julie Leblanc. 



Moise born 22 May 1843

Ange born l March 1845

Esther born 19 March 1846

Marie born 6 February 1848, died 10 June 1848

Sylvain born 28 April 1849

Marie born 2 December 1850.  Sister Marie de l'Hotel Dieu de Tracadie

Adolphe born 1 April 1854

Domine born 12 February 1856

Suzanne born 2 October 1858, died 3 April.

Marguerite born 20 January 1861, Sister Marie Marcel, Notre Dame Congregation


6th  Generation


Moise son of Marcel b. May 22, 1843, was baptized the same day at St Louis de Kent, godfather: Nicolas Leblanc and godmother Suzanne Lebland.  Made his first communion June 12, 1856, m. October 25, 1869.  He married Elizabeth Elsliger, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Elsliger (German origin) and Francoise Barthe, b. at Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada




Marie Catherine b August 14, 1870 at Richibucto baptized August 21, 1870 godfather Germain Leblanc, godmother Ester Babineau, m. January 11, 1898 Hubert Arsenault of Adamsville son of Sosime Arsenault and Philomene Arsenault b. at  Prince Edward Island.


Marguerite b. March 30, 1872 baptized April 13, 1870 m. Premilite Arsenault, son of Andre Arsenault and Madeleine Bernard of Adamsville, New Brunswick, Canada


Frederic Adolphe b. December 16, 1874 at Richiboucto, Kent Co., New Brunswick, Canada, baptized December 21, 1874.


7th  Generation


Julie Francoise (Bessie dimunitif d'Elizabeth) Barrieau daughter of Moise Barrieau and Elizabeth Elsliger b. February 4, 1877.


Florent Alexandre b. December 26, 1878 at Richibucto, Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada, baptized December 12, 1878 m.(1) Catherine Blanchard of Chelsea, USA who died 1918.  He married (2) Josephine Arsenault widow of Benoit Arsenault. He died in 1948.


J Baptiste b. July 10, 1882 baptized July 12, 1882.


Joseph Agapit b.March 16, 1884 at St Louis de Kent, New Brunswick, baptized March 19.


Domine Suzanne b. September 10, 1887 at St Louis de Kent, New Brunswick, Canada, baptized the same day..


Moise Jose b. December 11, 1888 at St Louis de Kent, New Brunswick, Canada, baptized December 13.  Married Elise Collette widow of Edward Landry.


Julie Francoise (Bessie dimunitif d'Elizabeth) Barrieau daughter of Moise Barrieau and Elizabeth Elsliger b. February 4, 1877. Baptized February 18, 1877 made her first communion May 24, 1887.  Godfather Marcel Barrieau, godmother Julie Leblanc, Julie married Telesphore Arsenault son of Sosime Arsenault and Philomene Arsenaut of Adamsville, New Brunswick, Canada.




i. LETITIA8 ARSENAULT, b. July 10, 1899, Adamsville,NB; d. July 10, 1899, Adamsville,NB.


ii.     ZITA ARSENAULT, b. July 10, 1900, Adamsville,NB.; d. April 17, 1962, Richibouctou,N.B..


iii. AUREA ARSENAULT, b. April 20, 1902, Adamsville,NB; d. April 7, 1980, Richibouctou,N.B.


iv. ROSARIO ARSENAULT, b. September 1, 1903, Adamsville,NB; d. April 30, 1943, Richibouctou,N.B.


v. ALPHONSE ARSENAULT, b. September 19, 1905, Adamsville,NB; d. St-Ignace NB.; m. EVANGELINE LEBLANC; b. 1908.


vi. CARMELLE ARSENAULT, b. May 24, 1907, Adamsville,NB; d. October 9, 1907, Adamsville,NB.


vii. VIOLA ARSENAULT, b. April 29, 1908, Adamsville,NB.


viii. ALONZO ARSENAULT, b. June 5, 1910, Adamsville,NB; d. April 14, 1999, Moncton NB.


ix. LEONARD ARSENAULT, b. December 17, 1911, Adamsville,NB.

x.    IVAN ARSENAULT, b. May 20, 1913, Adamsville,NB; d. December 21, 1981, Moncton,NB.


xi. THEODULE ARSENAULT, b. February 17, 1915, Adamsville,NB; d. September 1, 1929, Adamsville,NB.


xii. OSCAR ARSENAULT, b. May 3, 1916, Adamsville,NB; d. June 27, 1998, Moncton NB.


xiii. OMER ARSENAULT, b. February 8, 1918, Adamsville,NB.


xiv. LORRAINE ARSENAULT, b. November 9, 1919, Adamsville,NB; d. November 19, 1919, Adamsville,NB.


xv. ANONYME, b. December 15, 1922, Adamsville,NB; d. December 15, 1922, Adamsville,NB..


ALONZO8 ARSENAULT (TELESPHORE7, SOSIME6, SOSIME J.5, BAPTISTE4, JOSEPH ARSENAULT3 (LIGUENOFF), ABRAHAM2 ARSENAULT, PIERRE1) was born June 5, 1910 in Adamsville,NB, and died April 14, 1999 in Moncton NB.  He married EMMA BOUCHER October 29, 1939.  She was born March 20, 1912 in Richibouctou Village, N.B..






iv.  Roger Arsenault

v.  Patrice Arsenault

vi.  Gisele Arseneault