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Our Geneology

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Our Genealogy - Gerald V. Arseneault and Francine C. Millien


My Grandfather Telesphore  Arsenault prepared Geneology notes that intrigued me to find my roots even further.


My Family Lines

Arsenault - Arseneault - Barrieau - Boucher - Boudrot - Breau - Caissie - Dugas - Esliger - Gaudet Girouard - Guerin - Hayot - Hébert - Henri - Leblanc - Leclerc - Leger - Maillet - Martin - Michaud Paigne - Poirier - Richard - Savoie


Paternal Arseneault

 Pierre Arsenault and Marie Guerin

 Abraham Arsenault and Marie Savoie

 Joseph (Liguenoff) Arsenault and Marie Richard

 Baptiste Arsenault and Nanette Arsenault

 Sosime Arsenault and Clothilde Poirier

 Sosime Arsenault - Philomene Arsenault

 Telesphore Arsenault- Elizabeth Barriault

 Alonzo Arsenault - Emma Boucher

 Gerald Arseneault - Francine Millien


Paternal Barrieau

 Nicolas Bariau - Martine Hébert

 Pierre Bériau - Véronique Girouard

 Olivier Barriau - Anastasie Boudrot

 Moise Barriau - Marguerite Josepthe Henri

 Marcel Barriau - Julie Leblanc

 Moise Barriau - Elizabeth Elsliger

 Julie-Francoise (Bessie) Barrieau - Telesphore Arseneault


Maternal Boucher

 Jean Boucher - Unknown

 Jacques Boucher - Francoise Paigne

 Marin Boucher - Perinne Mallet

 Jean-Galeran Boucher - Marie Marguerite Jeanne Leclerc

 Pierre Boucher - Marie Anne Michaud

 Joseph Boucher - Genevieve Hayot

 Joseph Boucher - Isabelle Martin

 Antoine Boucher - Edesse Caissie

 Joseph Boucher - Rosalie Leger

 Fabien Boucher - Marie Therese Leblanc

 Emma Boucher - Alonzo Arsenault


Maternal LeBlanc

Daniel Leblanc - Francoise Gaudet

Jacques Leblanc - Catherine Hébert

Francois Leblanc - Élizabeth Dugas

Jacques Leblanc - Natalie Breau

Simon Leblanc - Madeleine Richard

Thimothé Leblanc - Barde Gaudet

Jean LeBlanc - Félicité Richard

Norbert Leblanc - Marie-Anne Richard

Thérèse Leblanc - Fabien Boucher


My Wife's Family



My grandfather Telesphore Arseneault was able to provide most of the information for our Arsenault family, however many people assisted me with the research for Boucher - Leblanc and Barrieau. 

Updated January 4, 2004

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